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Killarney Pub has closed

After almost 18 years, it has closed. Owners said influx of Muslims, who do not drink, has caused business to fall over the years. A local jeweler bought the building and was not sure what he would build there, perhaps a medical building. There a lot of vacant stores in Bay Ridge last few years. Many businesses open but close shortly because of lack of business.

I stopped by one day while Paddy Finn was cleaning out the place and spoke with him for a few minutes. He said he might check around and reopen again, but I think he wants to take a break for a while. Good luck, Paddy, whatever you do.

BJs Wholesale opens in Bensonhurst

It's on Shore Parkway right before the Nellie Bly amusement park. I went there the other day because I got a 'pass' in the mail. I didn't read the small print that says you have to pay an extra 5% unless you get a membership. When you do the 5% comes off. I'm pretty sure you can do that anytime without needing a free one day 'pass.'

It is huge, much bigger than the ones I've been to. It was nice and clean but it was only open a week when I got there. Not crowded at all, plenty of room to walk around. I was going to get a membership but the lines were ridiculous. You would think that being new to the neighorhood, they would have a better system of registering new members. I didn't bother and just paid the extra 5%, because I didn't have that much anyway.

One thing that will definitely keep me away from there during busy hours is the parking lot situation. The geniuses have made the ONLY exit so it goes across the pedestrian crossways. As empty as it was, there was a line to leave the damn place because the pedestrians wouldn't let the cars past. These are the same people who are walking to or from their cars and in a few minutes will be honking for people to get out of their way. Really dumb planning. I can see a huge mess during the holidays when it gets very busy (without me for sure).

I may still join, but will only go there real early in the moroning as soon as they open. Don't know why you can't just join online or at the least print out an application so you can fill it out before going to the store, drop it off and then pick up the membership while you're shopping. They could take your pick when you drop it off.

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New recycling rules in Bay Ridge.

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