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Reunions - no upcoming reunions listed. To get yours here, use Contact Us link on Menu above to email me with information. Please make sure you give a contact number so people can get in touch with you. I cannot get involved in reunions except to list them here. Please make sure you give; school name, graduation year, date, time, address and phone number of place reunion will be held at, your name and email and/or phone number.

About the Alumni database. This is a pretty cool database. We have over 1800 entries from a lot of schools in Bay Ridge and Brooklyn. You can browse the database by school, name, year, lots of different ways. Browse by school and you can sort by first name, last name , year graduated. View All people and Schools will give you everyone and every school. You can ADD Yourself to the database but read paragraph below when you do.

If you see the words 'View' in the right most box (only on Alumni by school screen), you can click on it and see any contact info for that person. Make sure you check only the boxes for the info you want others to see.

Please register if you are an alumni of a Bay Ridge School (or close by). If school isn't listed, Contact Us and I'll add it.

Disclaimer: Although we've tried to safeguard the information on this website, we cannot monitor access nor guarantee authenticity of entries in the database.

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