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5745) Ernie Marshall
Atlantic City
Posted on: Jan 26 2018
Ernie Marshall looking for friends from 4th. Ave. & 55 thru 59
Streets late 40's to early 60's.
5744) Joe Turk
New Jersey
Posted on: Jan 16 2018
Lived on 50th St., hung out on 47th St. bet. 8-9th ave. for a few years
Hung out in the Gallery 68-71. Miss the good ole days.
5743) Sandy Sheridan-milano
Boca Raton, FL
Posted on: Jan 04 2018
To Charlie Sheridan,
Hey Dad, I loved seeing you on You Tube Singing with the Classmates, and so did Antonio your Grandson. I wish they let you sing lead Bc you’re an amazing singer and could have gone solo. My wish for you is for me to get on stage somewhere w a live band and sing you an R & B song! You’d be quite surprised that I inherited the gene to belt out the music and sprinkle some soul into it.
I love you so very much. You still have the best hair on the East Coast. I’ll call you tomorrow, to tell you I posted this.

And to my Godfather, Joe Kearns, you are an amazing man, and an amazing Uncle. Come down to Florida w your dog, and my Dad, and come visit! I love you both. Sandy Sheridan- Milano
5742) David Williams
Staten Island
Posted on: Dec 01 2017
From 61st St. Brooklyn. Went to OLPH grammar school class 1958.

Hung out a Grid Iron on weekend, Shea's on 4th ave (60-61 streets)
Dated Barbara Norris, student nurse.
Dumped at GridIron. Also spent a lot of time at Henry's 5th Ave. next to the Alpine 1964/65. Then got drafted.
Bay Ridge gone now. Miss it.
5741) Kevin Mohan
Lake Oswego Oregon
Posted on: Oct 27 2017
Grew up in BR on 71 St and fort Hamilton parkway in 60's- 70's. joined the navy for 15 years ended up a cop in calf and Oregon. About to retire. I always think of the great times at F.H. high school, kings tavern and McKinley park. Brooklyn will always be home. I hear its turned in to a hipster hang out like Portland OR. That's too bad.
5740) John Hoftyzer
St. Petersburg
Posted on: Oct 13 2017
My twin brother and I grew up in Bay Ridge. We lived on 7th avenue across from McKinley Park until our house was condemned to make way for the approach to the Verrazano. Then we moved to 79th Street below 7th Avenue. Delivered the Brooklyn Eagle until it went out of business. Attended PS 127 and PS 259.

Saw a post on p. 182 from Demi Madera, an old friend. Went to Stuyvesant HS instead of FHHS. Worst mistake of my life as I lost a lot of my old friends. And so I am joining the alums of the 1958 FHHS graduating class at their 60th reunion to be held on September 22, 2018.

If you are a grad of FHHS in 1958 and want to attend, write me for the details.
5739) Mike P.
Clearwater, FL
Posted on: Oct 12 2017
The person looking for the movie house on 44th street & 5th Ave. was called the PARK. Right across the street from Sunset Park. 50 cents got you 2 movies, cartoons, a stock car race and a winning ticket # would get you a prize.
Had to go upstairs to claim it. Won a fire truck once. The Time Machine & Journey To The Center Of The Earth was showing. Best 50 cents my Mom spent, stayed all Saturday afternoons.
5738) Steph Beckett
Columbia University
Posted on: Oct 09 2017
Hello all! My name is Steph and I'm a reporter for the Brooklyn Ink, a website that works in collaboration with the Columbia Journalism School. I'm working on a story about Bay Ridge and the idea of
5737) Ira Birnbaum
Bay Ridge
Posted on: Sep 14 2017
I was pleased to see a few entries.about S Birnbaum on 86th st. One of the posts confused one of the Key Food managers whose name was Sam, with my father Samuel Birnbaum. Key Food had become connected with S. Birnbaum. Samuel Birnbaum had his own hair all his life, turning gray only in his eighties, and always kept neat.
5735) Rich Sele
Posted on: Aug 27 2017
I lived on 79th St between 4th and 5th Ave from 1961 until 1972. Attended PS 127 thru 5th grade. I remember our good friends Frank, Ellie, Debbie, and Victoria Heil who owned a bakery (possibly on 5th Ave?). Debbie was one of my best friends back then. I remember one year we got our photos professionally taken together by their family's photographer. Also remember Dick's Hobbyland around the corner where I used to buy models. There was a nice little malt shop close to our block. Remember playing stickball, street hockey, throwing a rubber ball against our front stoop. A couple of kids in the neighborhood were power hitters in stickball and used to hit the ball on the apartment building roof all the time. My friend across the street had a pool which was a big deal. I remember watching the '69 Mets win the World Series on TV. Also remember my 4th grade teacher Ms Gouch, whose cousin was Dave DeBusschere of the Knicks.
5733) John Fitzpatrick
Posted on: Aug 11 2017
to Rosanne McDade, You left no contact info

The Fitzpatrick Family left 63rd st For Scottsdale, Arizona in 1972. Barbara, moved to AZ in about 1985 and still lives there, I'm her brother.

5732) Charles Anthony
Bay Ridge
Posted on: Jul 05 2017
Hello all! My family bought a house on 81st street between 12th and 13th avenues in Dyker Heights circa '59 -'60. A rare beauty, that being an attached row house with a community drive. I went to P.S. 201, which was grades kindergarten through 9th grade, (if you can believe that). Once it changed to a middle school, I transferred to P.S 204 to complete 5th and 6th grades,( looked out the window and saw the building of the Verrazano Narrows bridge) and then back to (now) J.H.S. 201 grades 7 - 8. I took the test for Brooklyn tech on a lark and surprisingly passed, along with a few of my local friends and did 9th grade there. We walked to the New Utrecht Avenue and 79th street train station to take the B train downtown to Dekalb Avenue, and walked up to Fort Green Park. I, like a few of my friends didn't apply ourselves as we should have, and were asked to leave. We were glad in a sense, because we all wanted to go to New Utrecht H.S., and indeed we did! I have so many fond memories of that neighborhood, Emery's candy store, St. Bernadette and the church Bazaars every summer, 201 park and the sprinkler, the church dances and the battle of the bands at both The Knights of Columbus and St. Bernadette, in which I participated, being a guitarist in a band with my friends. There were kids hanging out on nearly every street corner in the summer, and 201 had a program for kids to join and play basketball, volleyball indoors, and use the baseball diamond for softball games as well as a handball court outdoors. I saw JFK in front of the Democratic Club when he was running for president. The Nuns at release time(Communion prep), told us to remind our folks to vote for him! Manhattan beach destinations, no cell phones, free TV, stay at home moms,great neighbors, clean streets, and 35 cent pizza slices.
5731) Patricia Bowman
Downingtown, PA
Posted on: Jun 30 2017
I grew up on 89th St. I often fondly think about my time there, it was the best years of my life. At the time my name was Patty Clark.
Hello to my friends from 89th, Mary Milde, Priscilla Lugris, John Flynn who sadly has passed, Eddie Mosier who I matched up with Lourdes Falco, Craig Nilsen.
Also to the gang on 92nd St. where I hung out.
5730) Thomas Libourel
Lindenhurst, NY.
Posted on: May 19 2017
Hello Bay ridge. I never lived there but my parents and sister did before I was born in 1957 on Staten Island. They lived at 325 92nd St. I was also baptized at ST. Patricks on 3rd Ave. I remember going to Bay ridge to visit my grand mother in the house at 325 92nd St. I spent time on and off there until she passed on when I was 10. I remember how much fun I had there and my sister told me how great it was to live there and the fun times she had. I just want to let you know how wonderful a place Bay ridge is.
Have a great day! May God bless.
5729) Craig Nilsen
Boca Raton,Fl
Posted on: May 12 2017
Happy Friday gang!
5728) Heather
Bay Ridge
Posted on: Apr 25 2017
Anyone have an old pictures of hobnails??
5712) David R. Campbell
New Harmony, Indiana
Posted on: Apr 05 2017
Lived At 9425 Shore Rd. Graduated PS 104 In 1954 And FHHS In 1958. My Sister Lois Graduated Two Years After Me. I Do Remember Ms. McShane From PS 104. She Also Attended Christ Church At 73rd And Ridge Blvd. As We Did. I Retired From The Intl Trading And Transportation In 2006.
5710) Kathy
Henderson Nevada
Posted on: Mar 21 2017
Where Are You Laurie And Rhoda Cahill And Where Are You Laurie Remnick And Father Walter. Please Contact Me. Wondering If Joan Brosnan Is Still Around
5709) Gigi Pender. (artz)
Tampa, Florida
Posted on: Mar 20 2017
I Grew Up In Bay Ridge/Sunset Park. Best Neighborhood To Grow Up In. Found So Many Of My Friends From OLPH And Still Looking For More. Thank You For Putting Together This Page.
5708) Jeanette Hanson, Larsen, Herbe
Cape Coral,, Florida
Posted on: Mar 20 2017
Loved Growing Up In BR. Went To BR High, All Girls. Graduated 6/56. Went On To Work For Chase Bank For 35 Years. Retired To Florida 11/96. BR Seems To Have Had Renaissance. Looks Nice. So Many Activities Not Around When I Lived There, 87 St., Between 4th And 3rd Aves. My Last Name Is Herbert Now.
5707) Maria Cornacchio-kehoe
Posted on: Mar 20 2017
Hi, So Happy To Be A Member Here. I Grew Up On 82nd St Between 4th & 5th. Went To St. Anslem And Then Graduated From Ft. Hamilton In 1977. Moved In 1984. Wish I Could Go Back In Time. There Is No Place Better To Live Than Brooklyn. I Love Bay Ridge And Always Will. It Will Forever Be Home, As The Memories There Can Never Be Matched!
5706) Kerrie Duffy
Center Moriches, NY
Posted on: Mar 20 2017
Great Place To Grow Up
5704) Gary Yore
Posted on: Feb 14 2017
Would Anyone Know What Was On The Site Of Kfc On 92nd St And 5th Ave , Brooklyn Befor Kfc?
5703) Emilyann Frances May
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
Posted on: Feb 09 2017
I Am Writing My Family History And Combining Local History Into The Narrative. I Attended PS 204, Dyker Heights JHS201 (1965-68) And New Utrecht HS (1968-1971). Dyker Heights, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst And Boro Park Were A World Unto Itself. Up Until The 1970s Neighbors Knew Each Other And Stopped To Converse. The Communities Were Stable With Families Livening Here For 2-3 Generations. Sometimes Life Was Constricted, Especially For Teenagers. Everything Moved Slowly And Manhattan Became The Destination Back Then. Now Brooklyn Is Once More A Place Of Choice To Live. I Hope Gentrification Does Not Destroy It. I Hope There Will Be Room For Newcomers And Long Timers. I Love It Here And Will Never Leave.
5702) John Murtagh
Oak Park Illinois
Posted on: Feb 06 2017
For Jim Strype - Jerry And Mike Strype Were Close Friend When Growing Up. Gerry Was A Classmate At OLPH, And Mike And I Worked Together At General Motors. In 1975, I Transferred To Detroit And Lost Contact. I Heard Of Jerry And Mike Death But Never Heard Of The Causes. I Found A Post You Wrote And Found That Their Deaths Came From Cancer And A Heart Attack. I Am Not Sure Why, But Knowing The Cause Is A Relief For Me. Best To The Strype Family.
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