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35) Tommie Turitto
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 10 1998
Thanks to this site I have seen alot of people from my past. That can be a good thing most of the time. Its good to see people that remember Bay ridge, the best SLICE OF THE BIG APPLE
Posted on: Feb 10 1998
Lived in Bay Ridge from 1963 to 1978, on 74th St. between Colonial & Narrows. My 4 children Jo, Pat, Joey, and Michael all attended O.L.A. We will always love Bay Ridge!!!!!
37) BOB
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 10 1998
34) Mike Pender
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 09 1998
Great Sight!
32) Mark Ennis
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 06 1998
I was born & raised in Bay Ridge. Grew up on Ovington Ave between 5th & 6th Ave.Went to Our Lady Of Angels School on 74 th & 4th Ave. Hung out for years in Owls Head Park (Bliss Park). I left in 1989 & moved to Lancaster PA. If any one from the old neighborhood remembers me , drop me a line. I really do miss Bay Ridge , it will always be in my heart.
33) Patrick Ronayne
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 06 1998
hey everyone anyone know mepat saccenti,shannon young,jason foulke,wayne steel?
30) Joann Gilhooly
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 05 1998
Hello April, glad to see a familiar name.This is a great place to visit!!!See you soon.Joann
31) Hughie Gallagher
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 05 1998
I am the king of egg creams. I set the worlds record for drinking 22 egg creams on a sunday morning at LANZAS.
29) John
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 04 1998
Xaverian H.S. Class of 1998!!
27) Joe
Dyker Heights, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 03 1998
Very nice page!Hope to be adding this much informationin to my page on Dyker Heights.Check it out at
28) Sharon
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY, Formerly S.I.NY
Posted on: Feb 03 1998
View some old Bay Ridge postcards at my homepage:
26) Thomas M. Bennett
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 02 1998
Thirstees, The Harbor, Bar One
25) James Jack Sr
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Feb 01 1998
I have lived in Bay Ridge all my life . I think it is a nice place to live . Over the years i have met some real nice people. When the chips are down they are always there .
24) Nina Johannessen ( Rasmussen)
Norway -former-Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Jan 30 1998
I am now living in Norway, but still remember Bay Ridge. I lived on 55th and 7th ave. between 60 - 69. Went to ps 91 and Pershing JHS. Would love to come in contact with someone from that neighborhood - or attending the same schools. I remember the names Maryann, Rosemary and Tony`s candy store.
23) Iris E. Frantzen
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Jan 28 1998
Hope to see a pic of 69st. pier.
22) Thomas Toomey
Neponsit Ny
Posted on: Jan 27 1998
a great community
21) Brian Brungard
Lock Haven, PA
Posted on: Jan 25 1998
Thanks for the response. Really enjoyedyour site and plan on coming back tovisit.
20) Meg Forsyth
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Jan 24 1998
P.S. 104 Class of 1980, Fort Hamilton HS Class of 1984.
18) Phyllis
Staten Island, NY
Posted on: Jan 23 1998
Very Nice!
16) Leigh Graves
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Jan 22 1998
Bay Ridge
17) Patty Martin Moran
Hackensack, NJ
Posted on: Jan 22 1998
Hi Bay Ridge.
15) Linda Persson
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Posted on: Jan 20 1998
ATTN: APRIL PETERS. I saw your listing . Your name is familiar. I see you graduated PS 104 in 1969. By any chance, were Mrs. Abermonte and Mrs. Seeley your teachers in 3rd & 4th grades? If so, you are the April I am thinking of. I was in the same class as you, but left PS 104 after 4th grade. If you would like to, please drop me a line on EMail and let me know. Look forward to hearing from you!
13) Corinne Pellegrino Sbarbaro
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY
Posted on: Jan 18 1998
It is good to keep up with the old neighborhood!
14) Nancy
Sarasota Fl
Posted on: Jan 18 1998
Anyone out there from OLPH HS 64?
12) Elaine Loughlin
Monroe, New York
Posted on: Jan 16 1998
I attended O.L.A. school and went on to graduate from Ft. Hamilton in 1967.Anyone remember Ms. Xenakis, Mr. Pelkonin, Ms. Boardman, Ms. Azzara, Mr. Goate, etc? Have many memories willing to share.
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