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5473) Ned Brown
Posted on: Apr 17 2012
Old timer who grew up in Bay Ridge...attended St. Ephrems unti 1952. Then St Michaels graduated 1956 (close to being last graduating class and then it was Xavieran HS...Lived on 73rd St. Between 4th & 5th Ave...but I did hang out in Hinsch's which has reopened...I've lived and travelled to many places but Bay Ridge is so special....
5472) Kathleen (smith) Cross-fitzsim
Peoria, Arizona
Posted on: Apr 15 2012
Anyone out there remember OLPH High? Well my class1963 is going to have lots to remember with each other at our 50th High School Reunion in Staten Island next year. If you need details I'll connect you with another old friend who is on the committee, just email me. Thanks old friends and neighbors.
5469) Jennifer Ducey D'avanzo
Atlanta, Ga
Posted on: Mar 29 2012
Born at Victory Memorial 1944. Went to Visitation Acad., St Anselms & Notre Dame Acad.(Staten Is.)Lived on 86th St. between Ridge Blvd. & Colonial Rd. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! Ciao.. If anyone knows the wherabouts of Louise Ellen Griffin who lived on 85th St.between Ridge Blvd & Colonial Rd. Please let me know....Thanks!
5468) Mike Bradley
South Carolina
Posted on: Mar 28 2012
Hey gang. I lived at 7032 4th Ave adjacent to 72nd St between 1965-1971 with my parents, Walter and Patricia Bradley. Mom was an RN working at Victory Memorial and Brooklyn VA. We would go to OLA Church and as a kid attended The Good Shepherd and Leif Ericsson Day School. Remember playing in the courtyard with other kids Dale Olson and Tommy Sweeney, I think his Dad worked in the building. Among sweet memories I have as a kid are watching Lost in Space with other kids in the building, Lusk's, going to Shea Stadium cheering the Mets, nut pound cake from Quattlender's, and The Lamps of China. Bay Ridge was a special place to me growing up with my family. One memory I will always wonder about was a kind and friendly older lady who would always be hanging out her window on the first floor of the building, just watching the street and people around 4th Avenue. You could tell it was her favorite thing to do. Wonder what happened to her. Live in South Carolina now. Contact me if you remember me or these things I mentioned.
5465) Dennis Quinn
Northern California
Posted on: Mar 14 2012
Hello Bay Ridge,I have'nt been on here for years and reading the posts from people I do'nt even know brings back a flood of memories.OLPH...I went there from K to 5th grade,my Mom was Mrs.Quinn the secretary in the girls High School.....OLA...for 6..7..and 8th Brother Savio was tough.Bliss park,banna fish park,dead mans hill,I remember one year we rode down on an old car hood (we almost made it) chalk socks and Trick or Treat,Flagg Court swimming pool,anyone from Flagg Court out there? Brian Murphy...Cliffy Johnson...Johnny Holland....Ft.Hamilton High...hanging on 76st. and 3 ave....playing in the band in Roger Cassano' s basement... The Shadows....then The Mods..carl & emil....lisa benson....billy mustang... the list of friends,places,and things done goes on and on.We were blessed beyond our knowledge to grow up where and when we did. I know it was all real because I share these memories with not just the people I grew up with but with everyone who posts their memories and stories here.Thank you all for reminding me how lucky I was.You all stay cool....and you all stay Blessed......D.Q... P.S. If you remember me hit me up with an E mail.....Aloha.
5463) Ann (Casas) Bartenope
Clearwater, Fl.
Posted on: Mar 08 2012
Grew up in Bay Ridge during the 50's and 60's. What a great place to grow up. Lived on 80th between 3rd and 4th. Graduated St. A's and St. Joe's. Been back a few times. Lots of changes. Still miss living there.
5462) Don Kane
New Jersey
Posted on: Mar 04 2012
Eagles coach from 1969 thru 1974 in bantam division. Go Eagles
5459) Carol (codiroli) Smith
Posted on: Feb 20 2012
Have lots of great memories of Bay Ridge and the Knights was Oh What a Night. Wish we could go back to the Disco days in the Ridge. Hanging out at the clubs on 3rd Avenue and doing the Hustle. She was a great dancer because she had a great teacher.
5455) Carol (codiroli) Smith
Posted on: Feb 04 2012
Remember when they filmed Saturday Night Fever in Bay Ridge. Saw John Travolta filming the scene in White Castle on 92nd and 4th Avenue. Love all the disco songs - Rock the Boat - Oh What a Night - Do the Hustle, some of my favorites. Congrats Johnny to you and your son. We were so close!!!!!
5454) Peter Hepburn
Posted on: Feb 04 2012
Anyone remember me from 60th-61st 4th Av? I posted here before but don't have that email address any longer. I'd like to hear from old friends from 60th and 61st and old classmates from 140, the annex, and Pershing..circa 1960s.
5452) Roy Leonardi
East Hampton CT
Posted on: Jan 27 2012
I grew in Bay Ridge. 7119 Shore Road Apt 5K I attended OLA and graduated in 1956 - much to the joy of the good nuns who had to put up with my behavior. I graduated from Fort Hamilton HS in 1960. I played stickball in 72nd Court and on Narrows Avenue with Teddy Hamway, Peter Rutledge, John Oak, and Richard Moderno.
5451) Joanne Evenson
Gilbert Az
Posted on: Jan 26 2012
1967 was a great year living in the Baronie brownstone w/Gary Summer and Michael Busca and Bennett.
5448) Carol (Codiroli) Smith
Posted on: Jan 08 2012
Hey Johnny A - haven't checked site in a long time, first post I see is yours. Remembering all the good times we all had - Peter, Fran,the Lutzes,hanging out, going to the bars (Gridiron, Studio) Too many to name. Also listening to the Beaten Path and doing the hustle. Those were the good old days.
5445) Freddy Sosias
Long Island NY
Posted on: Jan 03 2012
Shout-out to Delores, the Summer of 1965. on 57st between 2nd and 3rd will live in my memory forever. ( I've got you babe)
5444) Nancy Vitelli Bruno
Long Island
Posted on: Dec 31 2011
Just sitting here and thinking about days gone by. Guess it's a New Year's Eve thought. Mike Garrigan came to mind and I stumbled upon the Bay Ridge Site. This was hot about 10 years ago for Saint Anselm's Youth Center kids. We had our own link but I guess it gone but my memories of Bay Ridge will never fade. I had a blast and I am so glad to say I was a part of a fantastic place to grow up and had the coolest band in Bay Ridge.
5443) Suzy Massey
Staten Island, NYny
Posted on: Dec 10 2011
Grew up on 8th ave, between 52 & 53rd streets. All girls in our home. Pat, myself, Diane and Margaret. Would love to hear from any of the Ng kids, especially, Helen, Lita & Linda. The Bonura family and of course, the Mucia family. Loved every minute in Bay ridge.
5442) Vinnie Vitolo
New Jersey
Posted on: Nov 28 2011
Hi Bay Ridge, I lived on 58th St between 8th & 9th Ave. Pals with Richie Mattei, Jimmy Johansen, Kevin Fossum, Lenny Peters, Hubie Padden, Bobby Cimino, Kenny. Later years hung out on 59th St & 8th Ave with Dennis Kelly, Larry Iacono, Natalie Maddalena, Maureen Higgins, Tootie, Pat Kenyon, Jane(Dion) Di Santis. OLPH dances on Friday nights,fun times. Also remember the girls on 60th St, Pat Nastasa, Clelia, Loretta(secret crush), Maria. My brothers name is Eddie, 3 years younger than me. Went to Vietnam 1968-1969, met Butchie Miller from 6th Ave, who was a sniper, in the middle of the jungle(talk about a small world), hope he made it back. Still go back every so often as I still have friends there.
5441) Veronica Walsh Don
Posted on: Nov 21 2011
Anyone who attended St. A's and graduated in 1964. Anyone who grew up around 78th between 3rd and 4th avenues. Anyone who remembers Frs. Sepi, Bogart, Monsignour Kelty; Lentos, Varian's stationers, Vinny's Butcher shop, Phil's shoe repair...I get back to NYC and BR when I can. The roots run deep throughout having lived in six states. Would love to hear from contemporaries. Glad Bay Ridge still continues strong in the 21st century
5440) Gloria Coohill
Posted on: Nov 02 2011
Bay Ridge
5439) Don Yearwood
Davidsonville, MD
Posted on: Nov 02 2011
Grew up on 80th St. between 5th & 6th, then to 77th St. sixth and seventh attending St. Anslem's, St. Ephrem's, and St. John's Prep. Brother Jack, sister Eileen. Parents moved to Westchester when I was at USMMA (left no forwarding address!!!). Married Marie Piovano, moved to Marine Avenue, then Sayreville, NJ, Tokyo, Geneva, etc., etc. Past 22 years in Davidsonville, just outside of Annapolis, and now Florida when I can get my wife away. Four children and 10 grandchildren. Get back to BR from time to time to see wife's sister's family. Great place to grow up. Loved stick ball, street hockey. Uncle was a policeman who would be driven home after work in a police car. All the stickball players would scatter anticipating someone called the police. He would jump out of the car yelling it was his turn at bat!!! A few neighbors did not care for that. We loved it.
5438) George Adeeb
Los Angeles, CA
Posted on: Nov 01 2011
Born in Prospect Park and moved to Bay Ridge in 1957. Went to OLA and Xaverian HS. Attended St Francis College in Boro Hall and then moved to Los Angeles in 1971. Finally locating in Burbank CA. Miss Bay Ridge and all of the great times i had growing up as a teenager in that neighborhood.
5435) Dana (mitchell) Falardeau
Outer Banks Of North Carolina
Posted on: Oct 26 2011
PS 127, St Anselm, FHHS between 1955 and 1966. Corner of 4th and 79th St. Remember the rides on trucks, the farm animals with hay (mobile zoo) and my pix on various ponies on corners around 5th & 76th. Family names Mitchell (77th) and Lovelocks (5th and 77th). Irving's ruled over Oscars for candy stores. Meyers on 79th & 5th over Hosteins 77 & 5th for ice cream parlor. Maureen Mayo - where are you? Best friend and partner in crime at our first CYO dance at St Anselms. Love the beach here, but miss
5432) Ken Nilsen
New Jersey
Posted on: Oct 18 2011
I worked at OLPH in 1976 and had a great time. Set-up for the bazaar. Great times!
5430) Harry Burger
Centerreach Ny
Posted on: Oct 12 2011
Lived in the Melba apartment building on 4th Ave.and 92nd street from 1945 until 1963. Went to St.Pats and then to St Francis Prep. Bought my first car a 1951 Ford from Mr.Bloom who owned the lot across from my building next to the Harbor movie house. Great memories of Bay Ridge.
5429) Lucille Brock
Upstate NY
Posted on: Oct 10 2011
Hi -grew up on 92nd Bet 4th & 5th - graduated St Pats 1961 and Ft Hamilton 1965. Anyone familiar out there?? :-))
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