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5430) Harry Burger
Centerreach Ny
Posted on: Oct 12 2011
Lived in the Melba apartment building on 4th Ave.and 92nd street from 1945 until 1963. Went to St.Pats and then to St Francis Prep. Bought my first car a 1951 Ford from Mr.Bloom who owned the lot across from my building next to the Harbor movie house. Great memories of Bay Ridge.
5429) Lucille Brock
Upstate NY
Posted on: Oct 10 2011
Hi -grew up on 92nd Bet 4th & 5th - graduated St Pats 1961 and Ft Hamilton 1965. Anyone familiar out there?? :-))
5428) Tom Schiera
Port St.Lucie, FL
Posted on: Oct 08 2011
Grew up in Bay Ridge in the 50's and 60's on 77th St. between 3rd Ave and Ridge Blvd. My grandfather owned a grocery store on the corner of 3rd Ave and 74th St. OLA 1960 and Xaverian till 63 when we moved out to the Island. Great memories. Love the site.
5427) John White
Kathleen, Ga.
Posted on: Oct 05 2011
I just got a clipping from the Bay Ridge Home Reporter paper stating that Hinche's Luncheonette closed Sept. 29th. The primary reason was its monthly rent was raised from $7,500 a month to $10,000. Spent a lot of time both in Hinche's and on the corner of 5th and 86th in the early 50's. At least until the cops made us move!! LOL
5426) M. Albergo
Posted on: Sep 30 2011
Greetings Bay Ridge from the Albergo family, the original owners of 'Six Brothers Hardware' on 5th Avenue where they filmed 'Saturday Night Fever.' Forget all the rest... 6 Bros. was the best. Great memories of Bay Ridge and our terrific customers.
5425) Cecilia
Posted on: Sep 27 2011
OLPH Elementary school will be 110 years old next year. Can you please get in touch with me if you would like to receive any updated information? Please include your name, address, graduation year, pictures, telephone, email and any other contact information including social media contacts. Also we are looking for OLPH Twirlers. Thanks Cecilia Marketing Director

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5424) Theresa Taylor
Orlando, Florida
Posted on: Sep 23 2011
I remember those dances at OLPH. Boy that was a long time ago.
5422) David Speer
Posted on: Sep 21 2011
Just found this site..........Great site. Brings you back in time. Live on Gelston Avenue. P.S. 104 1971, Fort Hamilton H.S. 1975, Staten Island College 1980, Long Island University 1989 David Speer
5421) Jeanette Curtis
Posted on: Sep 13 2011
I am looking for Tommy Farrell from 7th ave and 60th street. Jeanette Curtis.

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5419) Walter Willumsen
Posted on: Sep 07 2011
Looking for Al Hunchar in Brooklyn 1961- 1965, 67 th street.

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5418) Alberta Panagakos Pisano
Staten Island NY
Posted on: Sep 06 2011
I am looking for friends from Park Slope Bklyn. Millie, Harriet, Helenann and more. Lived on 11 street worked at Columbia Records on 42nd street.

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5417) Dale Eadeh
Staten Island, NY
Posted on: Sep 05 2011
I tended bar @ Bananafish Park along with John 'the beard' Calalcanis, Tony Caminiti, Jerry Henderson, & Billy Murphy. Some of the best memories anyone could imagine. Greatest club ever.
5413) Gay Gluck Donnelly
Posted on: Aug 23 2011
Anyone remember the Glucks from 61st Street. Fred, Dick, Virginia, Bill, Gay and Steve? Lived there in the 40s and 50s and part of the 60s. We all went to OLPH grammar school. Remember Kenbys? Ralstons? Hinchs? Frank and Laura's Candy store where you got a coke and a bag (of chips)? Ebingers? Vittola's grocery store. A bar on every corner? Good Times......
5412) Monessa
Posted on: Aug 22 2011
Hey George Mills! Yeah, I remember you. My mom and I moved from Bay Ridge to sunny California in 1979....I missed out on alot of good times. I miss Brooklyn. I have family in Pensacola now. Give me a shout if you remember me.

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5411) Mary Grace Cannon Nee D\'andrea
Long Island
Posted on: Aug 20 2011
Just came across this site and I am fascinated. I haven't lived in Bay Ridge since 1956. Graduated Bay Ridge High in June 1949. Lived on 64th Street between 3 and 4 Aves. If any of my old friends know me please get in touch via gmail. I'd love to hear from you. I miss everything about BR. Those were wonderful years. I was a champion roller skater for 10 years. I skated at Bay Ridge Roller Rink. Those were the days. Thanks for letting me talk.
5410) Ellen Flemming Hashagen
Sarasota, Fl
Posted on: Aug 16 2011
What a great site! Good memories. I went to OLA class of '64 and Fontbonne class of '68 I hear that Brooklyn is the new
5408) Kathleen Lind Conley
Monterey, Ca
Posted on: Aug 07 2011
Graduated from olph, '66. Raised on 55th and 8th. Moved to 94th and 4th. Miss good old Bay Ridge and all the great people.!
5407) Akeem W. Scott
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Posted on: Aug 06 2011
Hi All, Excited to join your community...been stuck in Florida most of my life and excited to see something different...especially SNOW!!! Can't wait!
5406) Linda Richardson Vroman
Posted on: Aug 04 2011
I grew up on 73rd. between Ridge and Colonial. I miss Thompson's fish market on 3rd ave. Still love my fries with salt and vinegar. People look at me strangely when I order vinegar for my fries. PS 102 and McKinley JHS were cool schools!
5405) Bette Mcgillivray
Wurtsboro, NY
Posted on: Aug 04 2011
Went to BRHS grad 1965 hiya everybody. Just retired and love the country, but still miss Brooklyn a little, Good Ole Days alot. Hi Brooklynites. Great days. OLPH dances and Flemings Ice Cream Parlor and hang out in the 6th avenue park (hand ball).
5404) Tom Mcgann
Bay Ridge To Park Slope
Posted on: Aug 01 2011
Hi to all. Grew up in Bay Ridge from 1954 to 2010. Now in Park Slope. Saint Pats 67, Xaverian / FHHS 71, Rubber Park, Hospital Yard, Shore Road, Bananafish, Dingbats, Beards, Rafters, Feelfunnys, Moonman, Bliss. We have had a couple of reunions. Probably having another one in a year or so.
5403) Francis Sam Sampieri
Windermere, FL
Posted on: Jul 27 2011
Lived 36-72nd till 1954. Names I recall Mazza, Giacobbe, Costa, Fedele, Fink, Delmonico, Rockline, MacAvoy, Dogherty. At OLA till 7-A. Remember Jimmy's Red Pontiac Ice Cream truck, chased Good Humor off the block. Also Loews Bay Ridge, nickel rides on the ferry to SI, Caridi's market on 3rd Ave, selling cool aid in the park, Stoop ball, stick ball, A wonderful childhood!
5402) Ray Dempsey
Posted on: Jul 18 2011
Have fond memories of Otten
5401) Kevin \
Downingtown, Pa.
Posted on: Jul 17 2011
Hello Bananafishites !!! Miss the Ridge. Living in PA. for the last 23 years. Always come up for the Norwegian Day Parade every year. Still stay in touch with Dale E., Tony C., John the beard, and numerous others. After 33 years of marriage, she's moving on. Still wonder about Carol Mc L & Frippy. Hope there doing fine. Please do stay in touch. LUV YA, LUCKY!!!!!!
5400) Michael Knight
Posted on: Jul 16 2011
Anyone remember
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