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5413) Gay Gluck Donnelly
Posted on: Aug 23 2011
Anyone remember the Glucks from 61st Street. Fred, Dick, Virginia, Bill, Gay and Steve? Lived there in the 40s and 50s and part of the 60s. We all went to OLPH grammar school. Remember Kenbys? Ralstons? Hinchs? Frank and Laura's Candy store where you got a coke and a bag (of chips)? Ebingers? Vittola's grocery store. A bar on every corner? Good Times......
5412) Monessa
Posted on: Aug 22 2011
Hey George Mills! Yeah, I remember you. My mom and I moved from Bay Ridge to sunny California in 1979....I missed out on alot of good times. I miss Brooklyn. I have family in Pensacola now. Give me a shout if you remember me.

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5411) Mary Grace Cannon Nee D\'andrea
Long Island
Posted on: Aug 20 2011
Just came across this site and I am fascinated. I haven't lived in Bay Ridge since 1956. Graduated Bay Ridge High in June 1949. Lived on 64th Street between 3 and 4 Aves. If any of my old friends know me please get in touch via gmail. I'd love to hear from you. I miss everything about BR. Those were wonderful years. I was a champion roller skater for 10 years. I skated at Bay Ridge Roller Rink. Those were the days. Thanks for letting me talk.
5410) Ellen Flemming Hashagen
Sarasota, Fl
Posted on: Aug 16 2011
What a great site! Good memories. I went to OLA class of '64 and Fontbonne class of '68 I hear that Brooklyn is the new
5408) Kathleen Lind Conley
Monterey, Ca
Posted on: Aug 07 2011
Graduated from olph, '66. Raised on 55th and 8th. Moved to 94th and 4th. Miss good old Bay Ridge and all the great people.!
5407) Akeem W. Scott
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Posted on: Aug 06 2011
Hi All, Excited to join your community...been stuck in Florida most of my life and excited to see something different...especially SNOW!!! Can't wait!
5406) Linda Richardson Vroman
Posted on: Aug 04 2011
I grew up on 73rd. between Ridge and Colonial. I miss Thompson's fish market on 3rd ave. Still love my fries with salt and vinegar. People look at me strangely when I order vinegar for my fries. PS 102 and McKinley JHS were cool schools!
5405) Bette Mcgillivray
Wurtsboro, NY
Posted on: Aug 04 2011
Went to BRHS grad 1965 hiya everybody. Just retired and love the country, but still miss Brooklyn a little, Good Ole Days alot. Hi Brooklynites. Great days. OLPH dances and Flemings Ice Cream Parlor and hang out in the 6th avenue park (hand ball).
5404) Tom Mcgann
Bay Ridge To Park Slope
Posted on: Aug 01 2011
Hi to all. Grew up in Bay Ridge from 1954 to 2010. Now in Park Slope. Saint Pats 67, Xaverian / FHHS 71, Rubber Park, Hospital Yard, Shore Road, Bananafish, Dingbats, Beards, Rafters, Feelfunnys, Moonman, Bliss. We have had a couple of reunions. Probably having another one in a year or so.
5403) Francis Sam Sampieri
Windermere, FL
Posted on: Jul 27 2011
Lived 36-72nd till 1954. Names I recall Mazza, Giacobbe, Costa, Fedele, Fink, Delmonico, Rockline, MacAvoy, Dogherty. At OLA till 7-A. Remember Jimmy's Red Pontiac Ice Cream truck, chased Good Humor off the block. Also Loews Bay Ridge, nickel rides on the ferry to SI, Caridi's market on 3rd Ave, selling cool aid in the park, Stoop ball, stick ball, A wonderful childhood!
5402) Ray Dempsey
Posted on: Jul 18 2011
Have fond memories of Otten
5401) Kevin \
Downingtown, Pa.
Posted on: Jul 17 2011
Hello Bananafishites !!! Miss the Ridge. Living in PA. for the last 23 years. Always come up for the Norwegian Day Parade every year. Still stay in touch with Dale E., Tony C., John the beard, and numerous others. After 33 years of marriage, she's moving on. Still wonder about Carol Mc L & Frippy. Hope there doing fine. Please do stay in touch. LUV YA, LUCKY!!!!!!
5400) Michael Knight
Posted on: Jul 16 2011
Anyone remember
5399) John Quinn
Sebastian Fl.
Posted on: Jul 13 2011
Hi Bay Ridgers. Lived on 72nd & 3rd Ave with the Brennens. Went to OLA thru 6th grade. Fondest memory of Elizabeth B. Fried Fish & Fries every Friday & 20 cartoons at the movie every Saturday 15 cents. Moved to 92nd between 3rd & Ridge, the Deeb's were our landlord. Had a crush on Rose. The drug store on 1 corner, Grocery on the other and the laundry across the street. Worked for all 3. Played in the vacant lot where a bank is now. Went to PS104 thru 8th. Friends were Tommy S, Jimmy P, Gene C, Doc's son Tinker, Earl W. & Johnny H. Moved to 8th ave & 81st street Friends were Elsie who I fought over daily with Jerry, Ellen, Tommy H and Sal M. 8th ave was torn down for the approach to the bridge, that I worked on as a Ironworker later. Went to Grady HS & FHHS. Friends were Larry G, Schjong & Mucho Roberta D'A, on 8th & 41st. Quit school at 17 joined the NAVY for 4 years. Married Veronica Wolf from 72nd 3rd. & Boro Park 38th & 12th. Married 52 yrs. before she passed.
5398) Dave Macavoy
Posted on: Jul 10 2011
John your post brought back many great memories of Ottens, Loconsolo's (Maryann L. - Pizza) and 3 Ave. Drew's Bakery flower fight. I think we wound up at the 68th Precinct and fired. I knew about Kevin, but not Mike.
5397) Robert Sigurdsen
Rochester, NY
Posted on: Jul 09 2011
This is a very interesting site! I grew up on Senator St. as a child, but moved to Rochester in 1953. I attended kindergarten and part of first grade at PS 102. I last visited in 1975, but hope to return this fall. I remember daily visits to Owls Head Park, and shopping on Third Avenue.
5396) Allan Knudsen
Nashville, Tn.
Posted on: Jul 08 2011
Fell upon this site - some of your names sound familiar to me. My brothers name is Henry. We lived on 94th St - went to PS104/FHHS. Hung at Skytop Que Club & all the bars mentioned in the mid 60's to late 70's. My best to all that keep Bay Ridge in their hearts.
5394) John Moakler
Posted on: Jul 03 2011
I came on this site totally by accident. From '48 till '53 lived at 5719-5th Ave (above Mallons florist). Moved diagonally across the street to 5806 for a few years, then to 60th St btw 4th & 5th. OLPH '57. Thanks to anyone who wants to post for me, it'll be like a time machine.
5393) Mary Cilmi (nee Mary Nevin)
Spotswood, NJ 08884
Posted on: Jul 03 2011
Have great memories growing up in Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge will always be home to me. My brothers are Jim (lives in Florida), Michael & Thomas Nevin. My sister is Barbara (now Muldoon (all live in New Jersey) Happy Fourth of July
5391) Eddie Jensen
Palm Coast, Florida
Posted on: Jun 24 2011
I ived on 58th. Between 9th and Fort Hamilton Pkwy. 1966-1968. Ovington. Between 3rd and 4th. 1968-1970. 6623 Ridge Blvd-1970-1973. Anyone there know me? Eddie Jensen. Born in 1958.
5390) John Gillen
Bay Ridge
Posted on: Jun 23 2011
Nice to read posts about Bay Ridge times past, but still alive in so many memories. Had a lot of fun winters in Bliss Park sledding on everything from actual sled to found kitchen table tops. Swimming off 69th St Pier those long, long summers that now fly by so fast. OLA 1958 - Brooklyn Tech (briefly - they were much too serious), Ft Hamilton briefly also, 101st Airborne at 17, after which did finish HS & eventual LIU Brooklyn degree. Lot of great people over the years in Bay Ridge, Ottens early 60s, Pool Hall upstairs on 4th Ave & 69th (Franks ?), Lions Den bar 68th & 4th, Melody Room 72nd & 3rd, bar on 75th & 3rd that now tragically is a Starbucks, and many other great Bay Ridge people hangouts. Good wishes to all still kicking, and prayers for those no longer around. Especially Tommy Keaveney & Mike Kline who are still missed by many.
5389) Loretta (Kiernan) Riccardelli
Las Vegas, NV
Posted on: Jun 18 2011
Hi Bay Ridge, found this site and read most of the entry, will keep reading them. I grow up on 9th Ave & 60th Street, Steve Del on the corner. Went to OLPH, graduated in 1962, went to Ft. Hamilton High, graduated in 1967. Married in 69 to Louie we had 3 boys, eventully moved to Bensonhurst, I moved to Calif for awhile, then back, now kids grown live in Las Vegas, I have not lost my Brooklyn way of talking. Sorry to have seen it changes so much. Use to shop on 86th & 5th Ave, went clubing on 3 & 4th Ave, now those where places you could meet friends, dance, have fun. I also remember the Noweigan day parade, back in the 50 & 60 years, Ft. Hamilton Movie Theater, Lowie's on 5th, love Ghost Whisperer, I only now have the reruns on.
5385) Bjpinkerton
Posted on: Jun 10 2011
Remembering old times and friends at this time from Bay Ridge. If you're looking for those sponge greeks e.g., Manos, Makris, Gavalyas, Popandoupolous, Papas, Musalo, and Ruthie, you might try FLORIDA where the alligator are just chicken. Happy flag day. June 14th
5384) Chris Flynn
Posted on: Jun 10 2011
RIP Leskes Bakery It'll never be the same.....
5383) Joanne Lutz
Posted on: Jun 09 2011
Hi Bay Ridge Anyone remember Ottens 1965-1968, Vinny Ferguson, Valerie Vischio, Carol S, Kory, Cathy Brown, Tommy Chicetti, Linda Vinje, Ella & Mike (left side of Ottens). Also Ryan's Bar 79th & 5th 1967 till it closed I believe in 1971 such wild and crazy times, Those were the days. Youth comes but once in a life time never to come again. There a few times since I left in 1974. Hello Bay Ridge.
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