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5379) Anthony Rao
Clayton, NC Suburb Of Raleigh
Posted on: May 31 2011
Wow, I just tripped over this web site and have been reading the postings for an hour and a half. Great memories. I grew up on Colonial Rd. and 89 St. Went to St. Anselm's, graduated in 1961 and to La Salle in Manhattan. I also remember all the Friday night dances at the Catholic schools, fishing on the 69st pier, playing ball at the parks on Shore Rd. and hanging out at Hinsch's, Mitchell's drive-in, Green Tea Room in the 60's. Loved to ride my bike with neighborhoold friends by the Belt Pkwy.and drag racing along 7th Ave.(as teenagers) by the highway. Remember great pizza, Ebinger's, The Studio, buying records at Burnbaum's on 86th St. and Gill who drove the Good Humor truck. Couldn't think of a better place to grow up. FYI, my brother Jerry (64)lives in Tacoma WA and brother Joe in Rutherford NJ (57). Retired recently from Butterball as Director of Marketing Research. Would love to hear from old neighbors and friends!
5377) Ray Connors
Bay Ridge/ Dr.Feelfunny\'s
Posted on: May 28 2011
Hi I am Ray Connors, I was so enjoying reading the postings, What a great place to be from , I owned Dr, Feelfunny's Along with John and Tony. It was a Dream come true and hope that everyone remembers having a good time, My Dad same name was a long time bar owner in bay Ridge,, also. I went to of course P.S. 104 was around the corner from the club, At the time there were some old teaches there that remembered me as most likely to succeed at anything. Bay Ridge was the Greatest I go back and see every year but it has changed, Still a few left. I am now retired and live in Scottsdale. Hear from Some Digbat's and some Banana Fishers.And can find old friends at Chadwicks. RAY
5376) J. Walsh
Manalapan, NJ
Posted on: May 25 2011
Home is now: Manalapan, NJ Posted on: May 25, 2011 Grew up in Bay Ridge and go back all the time. OLA 1975, OLPH HS 1979. Nothing compares to growing up in Bay Ridge. It was wonderful. Sad to see how 5th avenue has changed. When I grew up store owners cleaned the steet and everyone new knew your family. You were known from what parish you were in, OLPH 50-60 street, OLA 70's St Anslems 80's St Pat's 90's. Schools were filled with 8 grades and 30 kids in a class. Everyone new your brother or sister or cousin. I left bay ridge to find a parking spot 13 years ago. When asked where I'm from I still say Bay Ridge Brooklyn It will always be home.
5373) Eddie
Woodstock NY
Posted on: May 16 2011
Hello Bay Ridge, Anyone out there from Ottens, J & A Lounge or Old Pump Inn 1963 to 1969
5372) Bklynjpinkerton
Posted on: May 13 2011
Greetings! Wish I could make the matinee tomorrow at FHHS's performance of Hairspray It should be good. What ever happened to the Gregory owners? Have there been any leads on the 1974
5370) Dwight Sprosty
Posted on: May 10 2011
Went to PS127 with Heather, Annette and Elizabeth. Bounced around Bay Ridge. Remember Charlie, Laurie, say hello to Erick. Hung with Lutz, Burns, Kevin Reilly at St Anselms schoolyard. My brother David went to St Anselm's. Lived on 82nd St with Joe Shrippa, Joe Niema, Lenny and John Niema. I saw Frank Kirshes name and wonder how Jee Defillipo is and Brian. Lets not forget Sean Farrell, Kevin Gulbransen. What a strange trip its been and glad I made it out alive. God bless aql of you. It was great memories and good times.
5369) Irene
Boro Park
Posted on: Apr 27 2011
Frequented Bananafish Park (Bar) often. Many great times and many great friends. One of the best places to hang out with your friends......
5368) Elisa Torpey
Southwestern Va
Posted on: Apr 26 2011
I lived on 81st and 6ave. Used to hang out in moonnan park and owls head park. All those dead heads. Moved to florida in 1995. Now I in southwestern Va. Trying to come back to visit.time will tell.really need excellent food. Southwestern Va food I do not enjoy. Spend the winters in Florida so I am able to eat well down there. Still need some bklyn pizza
5366) Lorraine (Gokey) Degnall
Mastic Beach NY
Posted on: Apr 20 2011
Grew up on 51st bet 4th & 5th ave. Went Bay Ridge HS. Joined OLPH fife & drum corps, then Bethpage colonials. If any one remembers me , give a shout.
5365) Walter Willumsen
Posted on: Apr 18 2011
Al Hunchar from Brooklyn 1991-1994. Are you out there somewhere?
5364) Sam Carrigy
Bay Ridge
Posted on: Apr 16 2011
Hi everyone still in Bay Ridge went to Mckinley in the late 60's and Fort Hamilton. Lived on 3rd Ave and 86th street. Glad to hear from Gary Nelson. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
5363) Rick Combs
Posted on: Apr 15 2011
I grew up in Bay ridge in the 60's. Great times! 68th and Ridge Blvd. Owls Head park, coney Island, 69th street peir. Have not been there since 71. I will make it back there be4 I leave this planet though!!!My old address was 6802 Ridge Blvd, Apt. A4. Looking to hook up with any of the Ryan clan.
5362) John Finn
Arlington, VA
Posted on: Apr 14 2011
Reading through this website brings back a lot of memories. Keep it up.
5361) Julie Chadwick Aka Davidsohn
Los Angeles
Posted on: Apr 14 2011
Havent checked this board for awhile. Reading all your posts is bringing back so many fond memories. Still looking for an old friend of mine, Eddie Domowicts. He lived on 46th St and 8th Ave. Miss him so much! and missing my old friend Anne Marie Solomon. Never got to say good bye to her when I moved to la. I miss Brooklyn so much! There is no community in Los Angeles that even comes close to it!!!!!!!!!! Sending hugs to all my Bay Ridge friends! Julie xoxox
5360) George Paladino
Posted on: Apr 14 2011
Would like to share ideas and memories about Bay Ridge
5358) Richard5
Posted on: Apr 12 2011
Does anyone know Eileen Lamberti? That is her maiden name, don't know her married name. We used to hang out on 95th and 3rd Ave. in the early 70's.
5357) Alice Madden
Posted on: Apr 11 2011
Long time ago friend
5354) Cheryl
Posted on: Apr 05 2011
To the person who asked if anyone remembers Jennifer San Marco, I do -- I went to Murrow High School with her. Not sure if you're aware of this, but several years ago she killed seven people in California (six at the postal faicility she had been fired from, plus one neighbor), as well as herself. She has gone down in history as the having the highest body count of any woman mass murderer in the U.S., as well as the biggest postal facility murder spree (at that particular time). I remember her as a pleasant and always nice person. Evidently, she developed severe mental problems at some point in her life. Sad that it ended the way it did.
5353) Al Andersen
Lake Hopatcong, Nj
Posted on: Apr 05 2011
class of '60- i remember the years at Meyer & Blohms on 79th& 5th. Graduated to Ryan's bar across the avenue.Played softball for House of Spho their 1st year. By 1962, the Hinsch' and Tea Room crowd came to us at Ryans. Too many good times ! We were blessed to grow up in Bay Ridge- so many wonderful people!
5352) Theresa Taylor
Orlando, Florida
Posted on: Apr 05 2011
Miss the old stomping grounds,born in Bay Ridge.
5351) Richard
Posted on: Apr 05 2011
Hey Joey I went to Banana Fish Park and other bars during that time.
5350) Joey
Posted on: Mar 24 2011
Looking to hear from people who hung out at Banana Fish Park , 1970-1975. It was a great place and a great time.
5345) Mary
Posted on: Mar 07 2011
Hey, everyone, Bay Ridge is and was an amazing place to grow up and to go to school. AMAZING!!! I have so many fond memories! Does anyone remember the Friday night dances at the different Catholic churches/schools? Does anyone remember the band, The Concepts? Those times were WONDERFUL!
5344) Lily Kalvo
Posted on: Mar 06 2011
Hi, do any of you remember Jennifer San marco? She was my best friend. We went to school together, PS 169 - from 1968 to 1973. Our 4 th grade teacher was Tina Meyers. Let me know
5342) Elizabeth Rosati
Posted on: Feb 17 2011
Originally from Bensonhurst.moved to Dyker Heights then Bay Ridge. No place like Bklyn in the world!! So many memories of community. In laws owned Candy/luncheonette on 85th and 7th ave.Anyone remember the caramels in the purple box that were sold on the counters for about a .25?
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